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>> Thursday, June 12, 2008

From the second I saw the name Edupunk I had to learn more about it. Being that I wanted to write something up for Rock For Hunger today, I was even more intrigued to bring punk rock ethos into education.

First let's quote Wikipedia on EduPunk:

Edupunk is an ideology referring to teaching and learning practices that result from a do it yourself (DIY) attitude. Many instructional applications can be described as DIY education or Edupunk. It describes inventive teaching and inventive learning.

I think this is a great concept and something that I feel I embody in my daily life. I think the theory of reading bogs, communicating ideas and conversing with others on an intellectual level all tend to be in the Edupunk landscape.

What I Can't Learn in School
This theory sheds some light in to the direction that education may be heading. I'll start with my life. I am an Internet Marketer. I did not learn how to do what I do at UCF. Most professors are not up to date with all the technologies that are running wild in the tech community. Furthermore, those that do understand the concepts are not wiling to share them to others at a global level. Instead they opt to run their own businesses and disclose information through the blogosphere and in return gain credibility, free marketing and mass appeal for their business.

Now take the kids that I had the opportunity to visit at Tutors and Meals, a Rock For Hunger program, last November. Most of the kids could hardly get through a children's book, but could work their way around a Myspace page or an email inbox. Their learning will be even more consumed by technology than my generation.

My Educational Memory
I can remember Apple computer labs in elementary schools that were nothing more than word processors. I also remember that I didn't get my "own" computer till I left for college in 2001. The newer generation never knew a world without cell phones. They don't even know what a beeper is. (Yes, I did just bring up beepers) They have computer labs not only in every classroom, but also at boys and girls centers, libraries, hotels, inside iPhones and beyond.

To bring things back into focus, whether or not this is the idea of "EduPunk" or not, it does lead one to believe how institutions will keep up with the technology. It's not cheap to equip a classroom of 30 with updated computers, let alone software. Google is helping with free apps like Google Docs and more and more web based environments are popping up everyday.

The Future of Education and Information
I can see a future where a school runs a self hosted blog platform for students to perform and turn in assignments. Not only will it show the time and dates for reference but also showcase a time line of their progress.

With information so readily available for anyone with access to Google, it is possible to learn whatever you want, when you want to and take it as far as you want to. For the term "EduPunk" which it looks like was only coined a few weeks ago, there are over 9,000 search results in Google, a Wikipedia page and more commentary than you could ever want.

To wrap, how do you see education and information on demand affecting our the education of our youth?

Thanks and I'll see you soon.

-Greg Rollett
Director of Marketing for Rock For Hunger
Social Media and Millennial Marketing Blog


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